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Hi I'm in the 8th grade and have a 5:15 mile and for the 1500 I got a 4:52 in the 7th grade please tell me what I need to aim for in highschool each year to get a division 1 scholarship and I also got a 130 on the pacer in the 8th grade

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Depends what school you're looking at.

Small D1's usually will take a mile in around ~4:25

Middle Range Schools (I.e. Purdue, North Carolina, Cal) are usually a 4:15-4:10

Big Schools (Oregon, Alabama, Wisconsin) Will typically take nothing less than a 4:08.

You gotta be cookin' if you want them to pay.

OH. you better run those by your junior year BTW. All the scholarships are gone after... probably right around December-February of Senior year.

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