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Disregarding eras and styles trained in, with BOTH MEN in his respective physical prime ~

Q 1. Cung Le versus Anderson 'The Spider' Silva in a standard UFC match: WHO IS LEFT Standing?

Tale of the Tape:

Le ~ 5' 10'' 185 pounds

Silva ~ 6' 2'' 185 pounds

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Silva, without a doubt. He's more precise than Le. He's better conditioned. He's got more knockout power. He's got better defense. Should Le decide to take it to the ground, he's shown nothing that makes me believe he could stay out of Silva's triangle choke.

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Anderson Silva.

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wow cung is one of my personal favorites along with


he style is very hard to duplicate

and i wouldnt be surprise if he knocked out the spiderman

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ha man i love em both, but i would go with silva

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Cung. Silva matches probably fixed

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