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I am in middle school and it is required that we participate in a volleyball tournament starting on Tuesday and I need tips on how to do a better underhand serve, and how to warm up and stretch before. Thnks so much!


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on your underhand serving... i kinda swing my arm toward the ball and right as i make contact, i kinda pop my wrist and hit it more with that than my fist... u want to pretty much swing into it, hit it, follow through a couple inches, then STOP. another really important thing......LOOK WHERE YOU WANT THE BALL TO GO. if that is where you're looking, most likely that is where you're gonna hit

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You should try out for the team. It would be nice if you had experience, but you can still make the team on athletic ability and attitude. Go to a volleyball camp this summer. Buy a volleyball. Practice every day. If you have a friend, get them to work with you. Work out. Since you play basketball, you know what to do. Basketball and volleyball are very similar in physical needs. Have a positive attitude at the tryouts. Call every ball that is coming towards you and you are planning to play. And call it loud. Hustle every play and between plays. Example-teams will use a hitting line. Most people will hit the ball and walk to get the ball and get back in line. RUN to get the ball and RUN to get back in line. Not only does it show your hustle, you get more reps in the drill. Encourage your fellow players. If they make a good play, tell them. If they make a terrible play, encourage them. Never criticize a fellow team mate with words or your non verbal looks. LISTEN to the coach. When the give you advice, your response to the coach is "I will work on that." And mean it. If it does come down to you and that other girl, you will make most teams over her. If you have athletic ability and a positive, you can be taught volleyball. The other girl can not be taught. She sounds like she already knows everything. Good luck

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To do a better over hand serve, you should sorta flick your wrist. It always works for me and I am one of the top overhand servers at my school. I also grunt when I serve, just because it gets me ready, and it terrifies the other team. My coach also says on your toss up you should follow up with your arm slowly, and then at the peak of the toss, explode your arm. Works for me every time.

To stretch, you should concentrate mainly on your arms because they are where the main action is. (But do stretch your legs) Just some 15 second group stretches are good for me. As for warmups, we always would run 2 times around our side of the court, then on the 2nd time around we would jump up to practice blocks. Then we would practice passing where the coach would serve a hard one, and we would go for it one at a time. Then we would pepper, which is where 2 players are partners and one tosses it to the other player, that player passes it up, then the other player sets it, then the other player hits it, then a dig, and it keeps on going. We would also have our setters up at the net, then the coach would toss them the ball, they would set it, then a hitter would go hit.

This is what my team would normally do, and we won 1st at a tournament.

Good Luck!!!

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in my opinion, serving is probably the most important aspect of the game :), especially at the middle school level.

if you can serve an awesome serve to where a majority of girls wouldn't able to get the ball(such as in the very back corner without going out), you will be great!

work on your serves more than anything else!

best of luck :P

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be good and score points

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