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hello, I have a old Winchester shotgun and it needs to be taken apart for repair. It needs a new stock, but the damn thing is so old that I can't find one. So I decided to make a new one in woodworking. The only problem is that I don't know how to take the whole thing apart. (also needs to be taken apart because it needs a new firing pin). I looked every where on the internet, but I can't seem to find any instructions. If someone knows a site for it, could you please tell me it? thanks.

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That is an old shotgun. My late father had one of those 70 years ago. The forestock ought to just snap loose--allowing the barrel to be seperated away from the frame and rear stock.

I have a very old double barrel with exposed hammers that belonged to my uncle's grandfather that I have been working on. I used to know who made it, but have forgotten. I am guessing it dates from the early 20th century. Anyway, it was badly rusted too. A lot of those guns have pins that are used to hold things together, which require a punch and hammer. They must be reassembeled much in the same way you reassemble a 1911 Colt .45 ACP. The firing pin will require that you get a machine shop to fabricate one for you. I think the model 37 ceased production around 45-50 years ago

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man let me tell you from experience old guns like that are no fun trying to refurbish i used to have an old winchester model 1897 and man i tried to refurbish that thing, that was the most aggravating thing i have ever tried to do, i couldn't take any of the screws out of it so as a result i couldn't take the thing apart, the thing was packed with rust i spent days trying to remove the rust and still never got it all out, and man i couldn't blue the thing because i couldn't take the thing apart and i couldn't refinish the stock because once again i couldn't take it apart, so basically what i am saying look over that thing and ask yourself if that thing even has any hope, if not do like i did and get rid of it and get you a new gun,or what you could do is at least get some wall hangers and hang that thing on the wall and never mess with again.

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